Kesin Makina company's modern measurement equipment and quality control reports are prepared in a detailed and reliable manner.

· CMM three-dimensional and gear measuring device
· Precision micro wickhers hardness tester
· Gear total error measuring device
· Profile control device
· Crack control
· Magnetic pickup
· Surface roughness tester

Kesin Makina with quality products serves a wide range of customers at home and abroad to with success. Our basic principle is good quality, convenient and timely production.

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Kesin Makina has adopted the vision of being the most reliable company in the global sense in the production of various gear and machine parts, especially for agriculture, automotive, industry and others. Our goal is to be a global brand that provides high quality and high quality products to its customers in Turkey and abroad as a leader and reliable company of agriculture, automotive and other products sector.


In line with the goals, values and strategies of our company, we provide our customers with quality and affordable products with the principle of customer satisfaction, working with respect to the society and the environment, using all our resources in the most efficient way, acting with the principle of continuous development and strengthening our position at home and abroad.



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